February 21, 2018



                Board members in attendance: Jane Marie Wilson, TJ Kaikobad, John Davis, Meagen Shepard, Juan Lama, Caleb Carnes, Tyree Goodlett, and staff, George Woodward and Kristi Watson. Guests attending: Jason Parker, Allyson Coker, Krista Long, Terry Painter, Tamela Painter, Jamie Johnson, Chris Crossen, Ed Painter, Brian Spitler

Call to Order:

                Ms. Wilson called the meeting to order.

Guest Comments:

                No Guest Comments.


                Motion to approve minutes as distributed by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama.


                Motion to approve financials as distributed by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama.

Chairperson’s Report:

                Ms. Wilson presented the radio advertising contract as amended by Ms. Wilson and Mr. Woodward. Mr. Davis made a motion to approve revised contract, second by Mr. Lama. Ms. Wilson also mentioned the DDDA Board Development Training Session on Saturday, March 17th @ 9:00 am-11:30 am.

Main Street Manager’s Report:

                Ms. Watson advised Spring Open House will take place on Friday, March 16th & Saturday, March 17th. Infomercial to be filmed February 26th. Downtown Sampler will take place on Thursday, April 26th from 5:30 pm-8:30 pm. Infomercial to be filmed on April 4th.

Interim Director’s Report:

                Mr. Woodward presented Letter of Engagement with Cowan Law Firm to the Board. Motion to approve made by Ms. Shepard, second by Mr. Davis.

Old Business:

                No old business.

New Business:

                There was a discussion about the Open Container Ordinance and whether DDDA should recommend some modification. The DDDA is hosting an Informational Forum on March 6 to receive additional public and Alcohol Licensee input.

Staff Reports:

                City-DSC considering modifying display @ Freight Depot.

                Chamber-Allyson Coker was introduced as new Believe Greater Dalton Project Manager.

CVB-Fully staffed; Event season is beginning soon; Renovations to take place at the Dalton Convention Center.


                Motion to adjourn Board Meeting by Ms. Wilson, second by Mr. Lama, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Woodward