September 18, 2018



                Board members in attendance: Jane Marie Wilson, John Davis, Meagen Shepard, Tyree Goodlett, TJ Kaikobad, Juan Lama and staff, George Woodward and Kristi Watson. Guests attending: Jason Parker, Krista Long, David Aft, Allyson Coker, Traci Turner, Elizabeth Staton, and LT. Mike Wilson.

Call to Order:

                Mrs. Wilson called the meeting to order.

Guest Comments:



                Motion to approve minutes as distributed by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama. Motion passed.


                July & August Financials were tabled.

Chairperson’s Report:

                Our 3 year plan was presented to City Finance Committee in August. Received positive feedback.

                Annual Board Election will take place on November 13th. Caleb Carnes & Meagen Shepard are up for re-election. Voters must be present to vote; No proxy’s. Mr. Lama and staff will handle appropriate planning and communication.

Main Street Manager’s Report:

                Merchant’s Meeting was held on Wednesday, September 12th. Informed merchant’s of upcoming events. Concerns were races in downtown and trees blocking storefronts. Mr. Davis and staff will follow-up and report as necessary.

                Christmas Tree Celebration will take place at Burr Park on November 15th.

Interim Director’s Report:

                Continuing work on Master Plan and Housing Study. Steering Committee met and received design ideas regarding traffic flow and medians along with Streetscape. Work should conclude by December 15th.

                The Creative Arts Guild received a Lyndhurst Grant to fund both a Community Marketing position and artist-in-residence.

                DIA Open House will take place on October 10th from 5 pm-7 pm.

 Old Business:

                Parades/Races/ Event Permits process to be reviewed by end of year. New policy will be considered.

 New Business:

                250 N. Hamilton Street Façade Grant Application for $5,000.00. Motion to approve made by Mr. Kaikobad, second by Ms. Shepard, motion passed.

                500 S. Pentz Street Façade Grant Application for $4,157.50 (pending documentation). Motion to approve made by Mr. Kaikobad, second by Mr. Lama, motion passed.

 Staff Reports:

                City-1 bid on Dalton Depot by Barrett Properties for $300,000

                Chamber/BGD-Housing studies for BGD is complete. Housing in Downtown is key to continuing success in Downtown. Public meeting will be held to discuss results.

                CVB-S.P.A. still in town; busy season for CVB.


                Motion to adjourn Board Meeting by Ms. Shepard, second by Mr. Davis, motion passed. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Woodward