April 17, 2019



               Board members in attendance: Jane Marie Wilson, Michael Douglas, John Davis, Juan Lama, TJ Kaikobad, and Annalee Harlan; Staff: Executive Director Catherine Edgemon and Main Street Manager Kristi Watson Guest: George Woodward, Bobbie Anderson, Jason Parker, Allyson Coker, Sarah Murry, David Aft, Kathryn Sellers, Captain Johnson, and Lieutenant Long; Absent: Board member Caleb Carnes.

Call to Order:

               Ms. Wilson called the meeting to order at 8:03 AM.

Guest Comments:

               Mr. Aft and Ms. Anderson presented a proposal for a downtown beautification project as part of work towards implementing the master plan. They proposed 12 hanging baskets be placed throughout downtown. Baskets would be provided by Dalton Public Works; flowers would be provided by Fiddleheads. Motion to approve support of beautification project made by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Harlan.

               Ms. Coker introduced Ms. Murry as the new Marketing Director for Greater Dalton. She offers her support to Chamber of Commerce, Believe Greater Dalton, Creative Arts Guild, and Downtown Dalton Development Authority.

               Ms. Sellers asked for the DDDA board to consider placing signs within downtown stating the barriers of the Historic Preservation District.


               The board concurred with the agenda as presented.


               Motion to approve March 20, 2019, minutes made by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama. Motion passed unanimously.


               Motion to approve February 2019 minutes and March 2019 minutes made by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Harlan. Motion passed unanimously.

Board member Lama arrived at 8:05 am. Board Member Kaikobad arrived at 8:06 am.

Chairperson’s Report:


Main Street Manager’s Report:

               Voucher participation for the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation includes Hamilton’s Food & Spirits/Pizzeria, Crescent City Tavern, Cyra’s, Baja Coop, Dianna’s, Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Company, Oakwood Café, and The Filling Station. Monetary Sponsorship participation includes DDDA, Kasey Carpenter, Krista Long, Jane Marie Wilson, and TJ Kaikobad.

               Six restaurants have purchased DDDA logo cups at $60.00 a case-Hamilton’s Food & Spirits/Pizzeria, Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Company, Oakwood Café, Buckin’ Burrito, Café Ostro, and Dalton Distillery. Ms. Watson will follow back up every 4-6 weeks for restock.

Executive Director’s Report:

               Ms. Edgemon suggested to conduct an inventory of items located in storage and a suggested liquidation sale of Christmas ornaments. Mr. Davis advised collaborating with Mr. Lama on the sale of the ornaments.

               Ms. Edgemon presented a draft for DDDA services brochure. Motion to approve draft services brochure after minor revisions made by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama. Motion passed unanimously.

               The board reviewed the Façade Grant program with revisions made by Ms. Edgemon. Motion to approve proposed revision made by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Harlan. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

               There were no applications submitted for the RFP/Bid for alcohol sales for the Downtown Dalton Music Series. The DDDA will continue to work towards a solution.

New Business:

               The DDDA board decided that donation of Downtown Dollars is to be awarded to visiting groups only.

               The DDDA board reviewed the Social Media Marketing Grant Program and authorized Ms. Edgemon to include as “coming soon” in the DDDA brochure.

Staff Reports:

               City – The City will be hosting a Georgia Cities Foundation Celebration-Picnic in the Park on Thursday, May 2nd.

County - None

               Chamber/Believe Greater Dalton -Ms. Coker advised Jackson Spaulding-Marketing Communications Agency will be visiting Dalton in May.

Danny Bivens, along with Laura Meadows with the Carl Vinson Institute will be touring Northwest Georgia communities and would like to end the tour in Dalton on Friday, June 7.

Convention and Visitors Bureau – New CVB Executive Director, Margaret Thigpen, is transitioning in her new position.


               Motion to adjourn board meeting by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Harlan, motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kristi Watson