December 20, 2017



                Board members in attendance: TJ Kaikobad, John Davis, Jane Marie Wilson, Meagen Shepard, Juan Lama, Tyree Goodlett, and staff, George Woodward and Kristi Watson. Guests attending, David Aft, Ed Painter, Rob Bradham, and Kathy Schleier.

Call to Order:

                Mr. Kaikobad called the meeting to order.

Guest Comments:

                Ms. Schleier presented the board with information regarding a pavilion to be built at the Dalton Green. Kiwanis to schedule a meeting with all interested parties. DDDA Staff will help coordinate.


                Motion to approve minutes as distributed by Ms. Shepard, second by Mr. Davis.


                The September, October, November, and December financials were tabled until January.

Chairman’s Report:

                Motion to move to Executive session to discuss Personnel issue motion by Ms. Shepard, second by Mr. Lama. Motion to adjourn Executive session by Mr. Davis, second by Mr. Lama.

Personnel Committee-Motion to approve promotion of  Kristi Watson to Main Street Manager and increase compensation accordingly by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Shepard. Motion passed.

                Board Development Training-Update board on roles and functions to be discussed at board meeting on January 22nd. Vote for Board officers took place. Outcome as follows: Jane Marie Wilson (Chair), T.J. Kaikobad (Vice-Chair), Meagen Shepard (Secretary), Caleb Carnes (Treasurer). Vote motion by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Shepard. Motion approved.

Interim Director’s Report:

                Downtown Working Group-Making progress. Group to meet in January to plan meeting calendar.

                2017 Standards for Accreditation-Hold for Board Meeting on January 22nd.        

Old Business:

                No old business.

New Business:

                Façade Grants-Approval for Façade Grant application for 112 King Street made by Ms. Shepard, second by Ms. Wilson. Approval for Façade Grant application for 100 N. Hamilton Street made by Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Wilson. Both require additional documentation prior to final approval.

Staff Reports:

                City-City of Dalton approves $60,000 for Downtown Dalton Development Authority.

                Chamber-Downtown Summit to be scheduled late February.



                Motion to adjourn Board Meeting by Mr. Lama, second by Ms. Shepard, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Woodward