May 17, 2017



            Board members in attendance: TJ Kaikobad, John Davis, Juan Lama, Meagen Shepard, Jane Marie Wilson, Caleb Carnes and Tyree Goodlett. DDDA staff: George Woodward. Guests- Rob Bradham, David Aft, Krista Long, Dana Silvers, Tony Helton, and Ed Painter

Call to Order:

Mr. Kaikobad called the meeting to order.

Guest Comments:

            No guest comments.


            Motion to approve minutes by Mr. Davis seconded by Mr. Lama. Motion passed.


            Financial Report provided by Mr. Carnes. Motion accept report as presented made by Mr. Lama, seconded by Mr. Goodlett. Motion passed.

Mr. Carnes stated that there was $1243.00 in special events account and suggest it could be moved to checking account. Motion to approve by Mr. Davis, seconded by Mr. Lama, Motion passed.

Chairman’s Report:     

            Mr. Kaikobad provided an update on meeting with Ann Arnold and a summary of the Mainstreet state staff visit. Their feedback was encouraging although a few reports were still pending. Mr. Woodward is to maintain close contact and keep the board advised.

New Business:

Recommendation was made by Mr. Woodward to provide a grant to Healthcare Partnership of $600.00 to cover expenses in June, July and August. In October to revisit the Farmer's Market and assess its results prior to budgeting for 2018. Motion to approve recommendation was made by Mr. Davis, seconded by Ms. Wilson. Motion passed.

Mr. Kaikobad discussed revenue from Downtown Sampler. After much discussion, motion was made by Mr. Davis to split the total revenue equally $88.00 among participants, plus $20.00 each additional and send it along with a letter of appreciation (at the Request of Mr. Kaikobad, Cyra's was not included). Motion was seconded by Mr. Lama. Motion passed.

Mr. Woodward presented an advertising opportunity from Great Southern Publisher's in the amount of $1395.00. After discussion, a motion to decline was made by Ms. Wilson, seconded by Ms. Shepard. Motion passed.

Mr. Woodward provided an update of activities including: inquiries, updating available properties listing and business directory, DCA and Mainstreet visits to community and upcoming Summer Concert Series.

Old Business:

            Mr. Woodward announced Merchant's Meeting would be held on June 13th from 8:30 until 9:30 at the Freight Depot. Board members Wilson and Shepard will represent the board.

Facade improvement for Jack's Range was completed and recommended by staff that it should receive $4312.11 per grant application. Mr. Davis made motion to approve, seconded by Mr. Lama. Motion passed.

Staff Reports:

            Staff Reports and Announcements were made, no further board action was required.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Woodward