October 18, 2017



                Board members in attendance: TJ Kaikobad, John Davis, Caleb Carnes, Juan Lama, Tyree Goodlett, and staff, George Woodward and Kristi Watson. Guests attending, Krista Long, Tony Helton

Call to Order:

                Mr. Kaikobad called the meeting to order.

Guest Comments:

                Ms. Long stated that she has seen more business on Cuyler Street. Mr. Woodward is to follow up with Dalton Public Works regarding decorations and power washing.


                Motion to approve minutes as distributed by Mr. Lama, second by Ms. Shepard and motion passed.


                The September Financials were tabled.

Chairman’s Report:

                The DDDA Annual Meeting will take place at City Hall on November 9th. There will be refreshments served, intro of nominees, voting, and program will follow. The program will include DDDA update and Downtown Working Group plans.

New Business:

                Facade Grant was awarded to Brown Dog Properties in the amount of $1,300 by motion of Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Shepard and motion passed.

Old Business:

                Downtown Working Group met with Co-Chairs John Davis and David Aft prior to the roll out of the Believe Greater Dalton campaign on October 17th. DDDA is staffing that group and will convene Downtown Council next year.

 Staff Reports:

                City: Interviews for City Admin are continuing. The Municipal Court will move to City Hall.

                CVB: Fully staffed, multiple events coming up, and hotel/motel tax has increased. More hotels to be built.


                Motion to adjourn Board Meeting by Ms. Shepard, second by Mr. Lama, meeting was adjourned.

 Respectfully Submitted,

George Woodward