The DDDA staff can assist prospective, new, and existing businesses within the Downtown District with any of the following:

Occupational Tax Certificate
Alcohol Permits
State Tax Permits
NAICS code
E-verify assistance
Special Event Permits
Historic Preservation Commission Certificate of Appropriateness
Facade Grants
Building Inspection
Fire Prevention

Other Business Assistance
Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Development Center
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Codes & Ordinances
Funding Options

Dalton Utilities/Optilink
Charter Cable

Incentives for Development in Downtown Dalton


  • 20% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – Certain expenses incurred during the rehabilitation of old commercial buildings are eligible for a 20% tax credit. To qualify, a building must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building within the Downtown Dalton Historic District. The ITC is based on a percentage of the rehabilitation costs and does not include the purchase price. The tax credit applies to the building owner's federal income tax as an actual reduction of tax liability rather than just a deduction. To determine the eligibility of a building, contact DDDA.
  • 10% Investment Tax Credit – To qualify for this incentive the building must have been built before 1956 and be nonhistoric; that is, not listed on the National Register, either individually or as a contributing building, within the Downtown Dalton Historic District.
  • 50% Tax Credit for ADA Compliance – This tax credit is available for monies spent to remove architectural barriers to make a building accessible to the handicapped. Consult your tax advisor for the most current information and forms.

State & Regional

  • Georgia State Income Tax Credit – This tax credit for rehabilitated historic property allows eligible participants to apply for a state income tax credit equal to 10%, 15%, or 20% of rehabilitation expenses up to $5,000, depending on the building type and use.
  • Georgia Preferential Property Tax Assessment Program – The owner of a historic property that has undergone substantial rehabilitation can obtain an eight year freeze on property tax assessments. During the ninth year, the assessment increases by 50% of the difference between the frozen value and the current fair market value. Thereafter, assessment is based on fair market value. To qualify the property must be listed, or qualify for listing, in the Georgia Register of Historic Places or the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as a contributing building within the Downtown Dalton Historic District.


  • Facade Improvemant Grant Program – Grants are available from DDDA for the renovation of exterior facades. Funds can be used for renovations performed on an exterior facade (defined as building side that faces a public right-of-way) including attached sign mountings that are not exclusive to the business, (i.e. text mounted on sign board excluded, but sign board included if permanent and/or can be re-used by succeeding business), awnings, paint, brick repointing, brick cleaning, window repair or replacement, removal of covering materials to expose transoms. Exclusions: signage, including temporary signs, window signs, banners, and repair or painting of awnings other than metal. Reimbursement is made for of one-half (1/2) of the total project cost up to $5,000 where there is a minimum owner investment of $1,000 (reimbursement would be $500) per application. There is a maximum of $5,000 per building / business / or owner every five (5) years, based on anniversary date of first award. All awards are subject to the discretion and approval of the DDDA Board of Directors. Applicants must meet all requirements and approvals which can be found in the DDDA Facade Improvement Grant Policy and Application.
  • Design Assistance Program – Through a partnership with the University of Georgia’s School of Design and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, downtown property or business owners may request design assistance through DDDA. A detailed rendering will be produced at a cost of $50 - $75 depending on detail, and will include suggestions for materials, colors and methods.
  • Business Assistance – Many resources for technical assistance are available to downtown businesses through DDDA. Whether a business is just starting or has many years’ experience, all businesses can benefit from updates, current trends and business practices, and new technology information. Assistance with marketing, accounting, business planning, management, new product and/or market development, workforce needs, etc. may be accessed by calling DDDA.
  • Loan Assistance – Downtown Dalton Development Authority (DDDA) will provide assistance in accessing projects and determining which loan program(s) are most suitable. DDDA has access to many additional funding resources depending on the eligibility of the project and borrower. It is alway advisable to contact DDDA in person to discuss loan eligibility.
  • Site /Building Location Assistance – DDDA maintains a complete inventory of all properties and owners in the downtown district. Availability cannot be determined simply by an empty storefront or building, and many times buildings are sold or leased without being available on the open market. DDDA maintains a listing of potential tenants, purchasers, as well as “unavailable” buildings, and is always ready to help locate a suitable property for a new or expanding business.
  • Regulatory Assistance with Licensing, Approvals, Permits – The requirements for starting a new business, rehabilitating a building, or just installing a sign can be overwhelming. DDDA staff will lead even the most experienced through applications for new business certification, historic preservation approval, alcohol permits, zoning approval, building permits, health department permits, etc. Directions, scheduling, negotiating, and research for alternate materials /methods are examples of services.